Fredy Rivas


The story behind this selfie:

I heard in a documentary that Nobuyoshi Araki was sleeping with all the women he photographed. I'm not sure if that was a joke but, as a photographer of naked women you hear this question all the time.

We live in a world of appearances, so I thought it'd be interesting to know how people would react when I introduce myself in my about section with an "after sex" selfie.

I proposed to make this photo series to some of my friends, explaining the following: "(...) you and I will appear naked in a bed and semi covered with sheets. Me with the naked torso and holding my camera taking a selfie of us pretending that a mirror is front of us. There won't be any physical contact between us. The idea is to make the viewer think there was a sexual encounter, when in fact I am wearing pants and nothing is really happening. People will be able to see behind the scenes version where there are no sheets and everybody can see everything was an illusion."

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